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'jealousy' - a comic by me

my very first comic ! i hope you guys enjoyed it. 




I saw OP’s comic and was REALLY INSPIRED to make a response comic! I tried to keep it close enough to their style to harmonize properly, and it was pretty tough- I hope that they consider the results to be adequate, since this ended-up looking like something of a collaboration by the time I was done!

But yeah, anyway. I’ve been in this position in LOT of friendships throughout my life, and when I saw OP’s comic I knew that they were expressing what friends of mine have felt in the past. I just really wanted to capture both sides of the coin in a mutually unhealthy relationship dynamic, not from a side that judges either but from a position that shows how both sides allow their insecurities to pollute their relationship.

ahh this is really amazing !! i can totally relate to this; i have a friend that looks up to me as an artist but they also think they are worse than me because they think that their art is not “good” enough. sometimes it makes me feel guilty but i worry for them !! thanks for making this comic, it made me think about the other side of the coin :) 

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thousands of flower petals covering a town, blasted from a neighboring volcano, in Costa Rica.

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Just did this Howl on joe! Thanks so much! Heaps of fun!

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